There are many ways to join the LERATA community.

buy modafinil online with paypal First – you can be a supporter of the organization by Belton DONATING to the organization.  We have made this easy for you!  Simply click here to be taken to the ‘DONATE’ page where you can either utilize PayPal to make your tax deductible donation today, or mail in your donation or you can click on the bright red button to the right to be taken right to PayPal.  Thank You for your much needed support! Second – you can Phetchaburi VOLUNTEER!  LERATA needs numerous volunteers to help with events, programming, film editing, docents, architect and artist assistants and more.  To volunteer, or for more information, please write to  Do you want to know what it is like to volunteer for a LERATA event?  See this first hand account from our volunteer Aurora duiring the 2014 SKYLINE event in Los Angeles here.

Third – if you are an artist, architect, scientist, filmmaker, designer, or in another field with potential collaboration for a future LERATA project, we would like to hear from you.  We keep a regular file of individuals working in these fields of research and experimentation, and call on these files for upcoming projects and events.  To SUBMIT YOUR WORK, ideas for research or experiments, please write to for the (easy) application form for more information.

Fourth – join our EMAIL UPDATES to keep abreast of our events, RFP announcements, and more.  Write to to be added to our email list or simply put your email address in the ‘SUBSCRIBE TO OUR EMAIL LIST’ section located in the right navigation bar.

Fifth – join one of our SOCIAL MEDIA groups.  Like us on Facebook here!

Thank you for your interest in being part of the LERATA community.