Hideyuki Ando + Tetsutoshi Tabata + Junji Watanabe – DesCours 2009 – Saccade-based Display

Caltanissetta http://soundchoir.com/?p=448 This installation, presented for the 2009 DesCours event in New Orleans, is described in the designers words as below:

buy ivermectin canada In daily life humans move their eyes naturally and unconsciously to get visual information, though the eye movements are hardly noticed.  The Saccade-based Display uses the eye movements to present visual images.  When light sources (LEDs) are fixed on a vertical line, and the flashing patterns is changed quickly during a horizontal saccade eye movement, a two-dimensional image can be perceived due to the afterimage expanded on the retina.  The Saccade-based Display shows two-dimensional visual images of a ghostly nature in midair, without any projection screen, only by using a single line of light source.