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Semīrom LERATA (Laboratory for Experimentation and Research in Art, Technology and Architecture) was established in Los Angeles, California in 2012.  The mission of this non-profit organization is to provide a platform for experimentation and research in the fields of art, technology and architecture, and to foster collaboration for the purpose of discovery and advancements in these fields.  LERATA aims to provide the public with the opportunity to experience and learn about these advancements via public exhibition, lectures, and other interactive educational means to develop a broader understanding of these collaborative explorations, including their impact and importance in society today and implications for the future.

Jaffna LERATA is continuing to develope new and exciting projects, furthering and broadening our mission, and expanding our identity and reach. The next LERATA experience will be the PRESENT PROJECT in 2021.

You can keep updated on our progress and projects by signing up on our mailing list. For general direct inquiries, please write info@lerata.org or call (213) 761-8061.

Featured on this website are LERATA projects as well as additional works, artists, and designers who have worked on projects curated, directed and organized by Melissa Urcan, President/CEO of LERATA, over the last 15 years.For more information about upcoming or past projects, please visit, ‘Past Projects,’ or ‘Upcoming Projects,’ section of the website linked here and on the upper menu bar.

What We Do:

Educate the public about contemporary art, architecture and new media practice by providing information and opportunities for direct interaction with the work and the sites in which they are held.

Expose hidden architecture spaces and places – uncovering gems in cities often unseen or unused by the public; and provide a means for residents and tourists alike to see and learn about their cities in a new and unique way.

Provide opportunities to artists, designers, and architects for experimentation – in the ‘design labs,’ schools, and in the public eye – for the further development of cutting edge architecture, art and technology practice.

Engage the community with free opportunities to learn and see new things and places.  Provide a means for interaction with other diverse members of the community.

Create unique art and architecture experiences that assist in boosting cultural tourism and spur the ongoing establishment of targeted project cities as premiere cultural destinations.

2020 LERATA Executive Board Members:

Melissa Urcan – President/CEO

Megan Bell – Vice President
Principal, Bell Design and Architecture

Jason Urcan – Secretary
Centerpointe Insurance

Ammar Eloueini
Principal – Ammar Eloueini Digit-All Studio (AEDS)

Darin King
King Law Center

Allison Kudla
Institute for Systems Biology

Ad-hoc Members:

Michael Ball
Owner – MBall Design

For general inquiries, please write info@lerata.org or call (213) 761-8061.