TZCO (Thaddeus Zarse) – DesCours 2010 – The Union

Akçakoca This installation, presented for the 2010 DesCours event in New Orleans, is described in the designers words as below: The Union creates combinations and hybridizations between systems often separated in architecture.  While pattern is used as an application to the surface, it also produces spatial effects through its perspectival blurring created by the gradual curvature of the geometry.  In addition to assisting the production of spatial effects the hyperbolic paraboloid geometry, most frequently seen in thin shell concrete structures, allows for thinness in the material allowing for the patterned panelization to work simultaneously as a structural strategy.  Originally designed as a wedding arch, the name The Union also speaks to the event for which it was initially created.

Rochdale Credits: Thaddeus Zarse, Christian Rodriguez, Rebecca Miller, Mike Murray, Kevin Munit, Everette Zarse, Sonny Dotson, and the employees of the Tulane School of Architecture Digital Output Lab.