TZ.CO. (Thaddeus Zarse + Clare Olsen) – DesCours 2008 – Petal Project

This installation, presented for the 2008 DesCours event in New Orleans, is described in the designers words as below:

Petal Project 5 seeks to exploit the anticipatory quality of the hidden courtyard as well as the collective and durational apects of the event through a changeable petalscape.  The event space design is a response to the existing lushness of the courtyard through an integration of petal-form seating and lighting.  Informed by the colorful exuberance yet paper-thin quality of pentamerous hibiscus flowers that grow throughout Louisiana, the petalscape is colorful yet subtle in scale, not competing but assimilating with the existing courtyard.  Programmatically, the primary aspiration is to create an adaptable, collective lounge space.  The small scale of the moveable furniture-like petals facilitates instantaneous manipulations for social gatherings at various scales.  Capable of close-packing like a bud before bloom or scattering to form a landscape of discrete pieces, the configuration will not only affect the social ambience, but also the illumination of the space.  With embedded light strands, each petal will emit a subtle glow, but when nested together, the collective petalscape will produce a more intense luminosity.