Starlings by Yan Krymsky, Ben Juckes, Noam Saragosti, and Alexandra Schioldager – SKYLINE 2016

generic cytotec Starlings – part of SKYLINE 2016 presented by LERATA March 10 – 19. by Yan Krymsky, Ben Juckes, Noam Saragosti, and Alexandra Schioldager.

Starlings is a choreographed, interactive-experience installation in which visitors
perform the artwork. Through a series of hand-held, illuminated, interactive objects,
or “pixels”, individuals are led to participate in a series of slowly evolving formations.
A simple “follow-the-light” principal will draw each participant towards specific, but
slowly shifting locations within the space. Pixels carried by visitors that are located
near these virtual magnetic poles, will produce bright, colorful displays of light while
pixels in other areas will produces only dim, occasional bursts. Motivated by a desire
for their personal pixel to “do more stuff”, participants will be encouraged to cluster
together in programmed locations. A reflective surface overhead reveals a cohesive
visual of the entire field, exposing each individual blinking, color-shifting pixel to be
only a singular point in a slowly choreographed pattern of rhythmic, orbiting whirlpools
of light. As participants cluster together to follow these magnetic “poles” through
the exhibit space, they cycle between merging into a single, large vortex of light and
breaking apart into smaller nodes. The goal of the installation is to create a coordinated
movement of bodies that illustrates the constantly changing relationship that people
have with the cities they inhabit.

badu site de relacionamento Yan Krymsky is a lead designer at the Yazdani Studio, an interdisciplinary architecture and design practice in Los Angeles. He also owns and operates Liminal Space, a Downtown Los Angeles design practice that focuses on local, small-scale installation and residential work. He earned his BA from the USC School of Architecture in 1999. Since then, he has worked on a wide range of local and internationally recognized buildings – most recently the CJ R&D center in Soeul, Korea and the Lassonde Studios, a hybrid “maker space” and housing building at the University of Utah. The project has received national attention for introducing a first-of-its-kind modular sleeping room concept. Yan also leads the Yazdani Studio research initiative focused on explorations in software, robotics and high performance building facades. The work is frequently shared with a community of enthusiasts on the popular Responsive Skins blog. Yan is a frequent guest university critic and has presented his research work at the University
of Southern California and the University of Oregon among others.

Honāvar Noam Saragosti graduated with distinction from the California Polytechnic University in Pomona in 2014. He was awarded the Dean’s Outstanding Student Award and the Thesis Degree Honor Award. In 2013 he was the receipient of the LT Shanks Traveling Fellowship. While a student, he assisted with an installation by Michael Fox for the Superfront Gallery in Los Angeles. Noam has worked at several award-winning architecture offices in Los Angeles including JFAK architects, Domaen, and Yazdani Studio. For the past year Noam has been working as a designer on three interactive media exhibits in the city of Jerusalem.

Ben Juckes is currently a designer at Yazdani Studio, working on the exhibit design for The Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem, estimated completion in 2017. Prior to his involvement at Yazdani Studio, Ben was part of the creative team behind the Australian Exhibit ‘Augmented Australia’ at the Venice Biennale in 2014. The exhibit showcased the unbuilt architecture of Australia, by locating 1:1 scale digital models of selected works at physical coordinates throughout Venice, visitors where able to explore the augmented structures using a smart phone. Ben graduated from his Masters of Architecture in 2013 from the University of Western Australia, receiving the E.G. Cohen Medal for his thesis project ‘A Funerary Paradigm’.

Alexandra Schioldager is currently a designer at Liminal Space, a design and architecture practice based in Downtown Los Angeles. She spent 4 years as a curatorial and preparator’s assistant at the Block Museum of Art in Evanston, Illinois and has worked independently on numerous exhibitions at galleries in Chicago and New York. Alexandra received her undergraduate degree in art history and film from Northwestern University in 2003 and graduated with a Masters in Architecture from the AUD at UCLA in 2009. Recent work has included the design of an artists studio in Sun Valley, numerous residential and retail projects around Los Angeles and educational work at UCLA and Woodbury University.