Raymond Salvatore Harmon + Heavy – Mirage

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This installation is part of the 2014 SKYLINE Event – held February 13 – 22, 2014, in Downtown Los Angeles.  For event information, please click on the ‘SKYLINE Main Menu’ link above.   For more SKYLINE 2014 installations, please click on the ‘Artist/Architect Installationslink above.

Raymond Salvatore Harmon + Heavy – Mirage


11th and Main Street
Fashion District, Downtown Los Angeles



1. Please download the app from the Google Play store (android) and use search term “skyline mirage” (app not currently available on iphone) Link is here.

2. Install application

3. Launch application and it will go straight to camera view

4. Stand towards the far end of the parking lot on the opposite side of the mural

5. Point your mobile device at the mural, keeping it still, until the digital experience appears

6. You can then touch the digital mural to change colors, activate animations, and make pieces fall off

7. Always keeping the mural in camera view, you can also walk “in” and “around” the digital mural to see its full depth

8. If the digital mural flickers or disappears, please go back and repeat steps 4 and 5

Note – this piece works during the day and night!  We have the site set up with lights for nighttime interaction during SKYLINE hours – 6pm – 10pm.  You can also visit during non-SKYLINE hours to enjoy the interaction.

MIRAGE is a site specific architectural scale interactive paint installation. Utilizing the architectural surface as a canvas Harmon paints walls, floors, ceilings in an abstracted visual colourfield. Once the piece is complete photo documentation is collected and fed into the Mirage mobile app (developed in collaboration with BC Biermann), which allows the viewer/user to explore a 4D augmented reality environment whose forms are built from extensions of the architectural and colourfield data.

While MIRAGE is featured in the upcoming book Imaginary Apps by DJ Spooky the Skyline presentation would be the world premiere of MIRAGE as a real world installation.

Heavy Bio:
Heavy fuses technology + creativity to find new modes of communicating ideas. Building upon existing technological and theoretical frameworks, Heavy creates innovative interfaces between digital design and physical worlds in ways that provoke the imagination and challenge existing styles of art, design, and interaction.

Raymond Salvatore Harmon Bio:

Born in Jackson, Michigan in 1974 Raymond Salvatore Harmon grew up in the small town fringe on the border of Detroit’s industrial wasteland. After a dismal attempt in the early 1990s at university education (anthropology) Harmon decided the best lessons are taught by life itself, which is as far from university living as one can imagine.

For more than a decade Harmon has been developing and evolving the theoretical and practical applications of non object oriented art. Utilizing architectural scale painting and new media/web based content in coordination with public performance, graffiti style ad bombing, and web based social engineering Harmon’s work has carved out an over arching form of contemporary media insurgency.

Harmon paints dominantly on an architectural scale, encompassing multistory building facades, sidewalks and street surfaces which he has referred to as “site specific paint installations.” Visually his work is based in gestural abstracted forms utilizing intensely vibrant colours to alter the public perception of both the architecture and its contextual environment.

Harmon’s film work is abstract, often accompanied by the experimental electronic compositions of his various collaborators.

In what time is left at the end of Harmon’s day he takes a great deal of pleasure dreaming, either awake or asleep.