New Orleans Architecture Now Exhibition 2011

where can i buy Ivermectin ivermectin New Orleans Architecture Now was an exhibition on display for the 2011 AIA National Convention, curated by Ammar Eloueini, AEDS, and Melissa Urcan, President/CEO LERATA, and held in New Orleans.  The original exhibition text and images are included below. On display in this exhibition is the work of nearly 35 local architects and firms in the greater New Orleans region which spreads northwards up to Baton Rouge and southwards nearly till the land ends.  Organized by neighborhood, a diverse group of projects has been selected for display that reflects the great variety of work, from urban farm to master planning, that is happening in New Orleans now.

Xinhui New Orleans after the storm has seen a great surge of public works projects, as can be witnessed by the numerous schools, master planning, and public facilities on display.  But New Orleans architecture now has not stopped at these types of works, as seen through its many development and rehabilitation projects, and numerous community service based projects.

Viewing the project images and models on display, one can glimpse the design work being done in New Orleans is varied and vast, much of it just coming off the foundations.  While the future of New Orleans architecture is yet to be seen, this exhibition aims to provide a snapshot of the efforts and achievements by local and regional designers happening now.