DesCours 2008

article source DesCours was an annual city-wide New Orleans architecture and art event that spanned five years from 2007-2011.  This project was developed, curated and directed by Melissa Urcan CEO/President of LERATA.  Original project description for the 2008 event, and original guide files, maps, artists installations, and event images are all available below.

perpendicularly DesCours is an seven-day, annual contemporary architecture and art event that looks towards the future in showcasing cutting-edge, new media and interactive installations while embracing New Orleans’ rich architectural and cultural heritage. During DesCours, over 21 local and internationally recognized architects, designers, artists and musicians will transform 16 spaces, both ‘hidden’ and public, within the French Quarter and Central Business District into destination places for visitors and locals alike. DesCours’ ‘hidden’ exhibition spaces include private courtyards located in the historic French Quarter; special spaces not usually afforded to the public. In the Central Business District, building lobbies and walkways, many in the process of renovation and hiding a rich architectural fabric are reinvented as installation sites. The qualities of these locations as being less traveled, and often hidden from general public view, were chosen as perfect locales for DesCours installations and events.

AIA New Orleans is proud to offer DesCours to the residents and visitors of New Orleans. This event is the result of an extensive collaboration between numerous organizations, artists, musicians, designers and architects. We would like to thank our past and current sponsors, including the Downtown Development District and Renew our Music, who have helped to make this event possible.  It is through the generous assistance of our sponsors that this event is open to the public and also free of charge to allow for the widest access possible.