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Site Installation #1 is Closed Saturday February 22 for a Private Event.  Do please visit sites 2-10!

This installation is part of the 2014 SKYLINE Event – held February 13 – 22, 2014, in Downtown Los Angeles.  For event information, please click on the ‘SKYLINE Main Menu’ link above.   For more SKYLINE 2014 installations, please click on the ‘Artist/Architect Installations‘ link above.

Natasha Bajc + Samy Kamkar – Other World CeilingOther World Ceiling

Farmers & Merchants Bank
401 South Main Street
Historic District, Downtown Los Angeles

In the best historical traditions, namely renaissance and baroque; we develop a contemporary version of the “fresco ceiling” that carves out “The Other World” space in a physical space of a flat ceiling  in the old bank.

The space that opens up feels as an extension of the material space, playing on the inherited  style of the actual old bank, rhythms of the ceiling , decorations and proportions. realistic actualization or unfolding of the potential seeded in the actual.

But it is not a neutral space. it is a space occupied by the ghost of an old bank. just like many of the neighboring spaces in the historic downtown district, sediments of history open up for interpretation.

It is not a passive space either, it registers your presence and pulls you in.

By stepping in the area of the old bank, a ghost of an old bank will start sucking up ” money” from you, pulling it in The Other World vault. just like in the mythical good versus evil fights, participants will team up to shut the vault door, and stop the “money” drain…


Natasha Bajc

Natasha Bajc is an architect ( M Arch Sci-Arc ’99) with interest in art, technology, computation and augmented reality. Weaving her career between academia, and professional practice as principal of both Urbis and Code Design Studio, she is hoping to build a platform for perpetual exploration.  Her path has taken her to production design for movies(dark world 2004 ,Baby Doll forever 2000) exhibitions, lectures and traditional architectural design.

Samy Kamkar

Samy Kamkar is a technologist with a background in developing software, hardware and interactive technology. After creating a company producing a new grade of unified communications phone systems (Fonality) and releasing over a dozen open-source projects in the realms of new technology, security and privacy, he is now working on creating interactive technology focusing on music, gestural software and art.