Michael Cohen + Sarah Weisberg – DesCours 2010 – Microbial Palette #1

buy clomid to get pregnant This installation, presented for the 2010 DesCours event in New Orleans, is described in the designers words as below:

Omaha Microbial Palette #1 is an inquiry-based installation that investigates the microbiological composition of water and soil samples from sites surrounding New Orleans.  Bacteria harvested using microbiological laboratory techniques, will be displayed in a living sculpture that will be both visually stunning and scientifically substantive.  Embracing the notion of experiment in its truest form, the installation will be set-up to constantly change throughout the duration of the exhibition.  By submitting to the unknowable makeup of the organic samples and the resilience of the bacterial organisms, the installation questions the role of the artists as a creator of form and contemplates the city of New Orleans’ relationship with its surrounding environment.