Marty McElveen – 2008 DesCours – SeeYouSeeMe

This installation, presented for the 2008 DesCours event in New Orleans, is described in the designers words as below:

SeeYouSeeMe is an exploration into strategies for delineating the state of an ephemeral moment captured within an indeterminate space surrounded by indeterminate conditions.  As a temporary intervention within an existing space, this installation provokes the participants to acknowledge memory while simultaneously evaluating their roles within the sequence of events taking place.  In an attempt to capture & define how users interact with an architectural space, reflective material will be used as the surface of each cell to fragment one’s spatial perception while interacting with the piece.  The information processed through reflection, unlike a uniform mirrored surface, is dissimilated to the extent of one being able to experience a spatial collapse of the surrounding context.  Spatial and temporal boundaries that exist within the space are reconsidered when repositioned within the work itself.