LEVEL 2013 – Sabrina Raaf – Meandering River

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Meandering River
Sabrina Raaf

The Meandering River is an artwork inspired by an article entitled “River Meandering as a Self-Organization Process,” written by Hans-Henrik Stølum (1996). In it, Stølum laid out the mathematical equations that enable scientists today to predict – or to reconstruct – a river’s ‘morphology’. This morphology includes a detailed description of a river’s sinuous shape (including its meanders, bends, and reaches), as well as an indication of how its path evolves over time.

For this installation of Meandering River, the self-organizing mathematics of rivers was used to generate visual snapshots of the evolution of a river path and watersheds through time. These snapshots were then etched onto rolls of thermal screen material. This special material is designed  to function as a thermal curtain for insulating a space from extreme heat or cold. The material is environmentally stable, lightweight, portable, flexible, durable, and 100% recyclable. When hung vertically, the material of Meandering River cascades down, creating a waterfall effect. The perforated areas where the river pattern is cut into the screen provide footholds for climbing vines and a form within which a vertical garden maybe cultivated.

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About Sabrina Raaf:

Sabrina Raaf is a new media artist and designer of responsive environments, bots, and social spaces. Her work has been presented in solo and group exhibitions at the ZERO1 Biennial (2011, San Jose), Brandts Art Center (Denmark), Transitio_MX (Mexico City), Sala Parpalló (Spain), MejanLabs (Stockholm), Lawimore Projects (Seattle), the Edith-Russ-Site for Media Art (Germany), Stefan Stux Gallery (NYC), Ars Electronica (Linz), Museum Tinguely(Basel), Espace Landowski (Paris), Kunsthaus Graz (Austria), and ISEA 2004 (Helsinki). She was the recipient of a Creative Capital Grant in Emerging Fields (2002) and an Illinois Arts Council Fellowship (2005 &2001). Reviews of her work have appeared in Art in America, Contemporary, Chicago Tribune Sunday Magazine, Leonardo, The Washington Post, and New Art Examiner. She received an MFA in Art and Technology from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (1999) and is currently an Associate Professor of New Media Art in the School of Art and Design at the University of Illinois at Chicago.