LEVEL 2013 – Julio Obelleiro + Wildbytes – Building Music

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Thank you to all who came out and enjoyed our 2013 Level preview!  The event was a great success, and everyone at LERATA is excited and preparing for the full 2014  Level presentation.

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The RFP for 2014 will be available by early Spring 2014.

Julio Obelleiro + Wildbytes
Building Music

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Building Music is a site sensitive interactive installation that explores the musicality of different architectural features. By moving the light of a flashlight along the facade of the building the viewers create musical compositions while lighting the different architectural details. Every detail hides a sound and a color that are activated by the viewers from the distance.

The project enables the augmentation of public facades to transform them into interactive spaces creating a dialog between the audience and the architecture around them.

A Project by Wildbytes. Made by Julio Obelleiro, Alberto García, Jorge Cano and Pedro Enriquez.

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