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Daniel Miller Site A

Tucano Thank you to all who came out and enjoyed our 2013 Level preview!  The event was a great success, and everyone at LERATA is excited and preparing for the full 2014  Level presentation.

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Daniel Miller
Site A

In http://thebutchersapron.co.uk/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://thebutchersapron.co.uk/contact-us/ Site A I am investigating place and memory through robotic video projection. In a peaceful site located in the forest preserve of Cook

County, Illinois, USA there is a stone at the end of a path. The stone explains: “THE WORLD’S FIRST NUCLEAR REACTOR, WAS REBUILT AT THIS SITE IN 1943 AFTER INITIAL OPERATION AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO”. The sign goes on to explain that 2 reactors are now buried at this location.

From numerous hikes out to the location a computer program was created to choreograph the movements of a video camera mounted on a motorized tripod. Re-contextualized in the exhibition space, the video is projected using the same mechanism following exactly the same choreographed path in the original filming. The moving projection will reach all the surfaces of the room. The audio recording of this event contains the natural sounds of the site. The viewer is not aware of the history of this site until the final images are projected on the lower wall showing the engraved stone. Here the land, which we now use for recreation and preservation, covers a nuclear reactor burial site.

This artwork captures a 3 dimensional space in real time by using video and robotics. The mapped location can then be transferred and replayed through an installation space. I am interested in creating interventions where technology can transplant environmental scenes from a remote context to the local urban space. This spatial transformation is created when the video image is projected sequentially onto the surfaces of the interior architectural space. I am in interested in how this work can access memory and raise awareness of the local space. I see this as a metaphor of the current situation in our world; where we are forced to live with our past.

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