kmostudio – DesCours 2008 This installation, presented for the 2008 DesCours event in New Orleans, is described in the designers words as below:

buy Pregabalin online canada This exhibit is a play on the perception of scale and its’ relationship to the human experience.  The winding path and changing panel heights create a sea of contextual facts generated from world statistics.  By understanding the individual panels as singular objects, people move through at their own pace, creating individual experiences by absorbing some facts and skimming over others.  At the end of the path one is directed to a set vantage point where they can observe others moving through the exhibit.  It is here that the individual panels come together, creating a complete image from the grouping of all textual patterns.  From this forced perspective, one is able to contemplate the relevance of the information while witnessing the movement of unknowing patrons against the backdrop of an abstracted worldview.