Juan Azulay + Benjamin Rice (MTTR MGMT) with Adam Grove – The Passenger

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This installation is part of the 2014 SKYLINE Event – held February 13 – 22, 2014, in Downtown Los Angeles.  For event information, please click on the ‘SKYLINE Main Menu’ link above.   For more SKYLINE 2014 installations, please click on the ‘Artist/Architect Installations‘ link above.

Juan Azulay + Benjamin Rice (MTTR MGMT) with Adam Grove – The PassengerThe Passenger

Alexandria Apartments
501 South Spring Street
Historic District, Downtown Los Angeles

The Passenger (Moon) proposes a celestially enabled interactive micro-planet that engages passing-by inhabitants through releasing its own moody mediated weather system for an experience of immersion and communication with a new planetary logic.

Suppose you make the wrong turn in downtown Los Angeles.

The soft glowing orb hovers at the end of the dead end street, a planet that has descended upon its inhabitants – ready to communicate and carry its innards and linkages to mate with other celestial bodies.

The orb is a moth-light, hypnotizing, impossible to turn away from. The more the orb is engaged, the more it feeds the engagement. It carries an on-board computer patched with if-then mechanisms that actuate subtle responses to those who engage it. These responses are driven by two types of interaction/actuation relationships: LUMA-drivers and SOUND-drivers.


where can i buy stromectol Juan Azulay

Juan Azulay is the founder and creative director of MTTR MGMT, a design practice focused on conceiving and constructing environments by working within an intensive intradisciplinary process. Juan has designed and built award-winning architecture projects, master-planned an 8,000 year old city in southern China, written and directed music videos and films, published books, released music and curated art shows. Juan teaches at the Southern California Institute of Architecture since 2006, where he co-founded a post-graduate media arts program (MediaScapes). He has also taught previously at Columbia University in the City of New York, the University of Miami and the ETSAV in Barcelona. Azulay has also collaborated with culture-shifting creatives.  Flood Stains is the product of a collaboration with No Wave legend Lydia Lunch, Blue Eyed Sailor is the joint brainchild of Azulay, Oscar-winning cinematographer Guillermo Navarro (Pan’s Labyrinth) and actress-musician Mia Maestro (The Strain, Frida, Motorcycle Diaries). MAK t6 Vacant is a joint venture with SF-based landscape visionary Fletcher Studio and Vivarium invited a team of collaborators that include programmers, engineers, sound designers, bioengineers and builders. He also led the editing team that published Architecture Xenoculture (eVolo Publications) and curated Morphallaxis (DLFA Miami), a show focused on issues of bio-regeneration in architecture. Juan Azulay has degrees from the Southern California Institute of Architecture and Columbia University.

Leusden Benjamin Rice

Benjamin Rice is a principal of MTTR MGMT. Before joining MM Benjamin helped deliver high profile architectural projects, competitions, installations, and objects as an assistant for some of the worlds leading architectural firms. Benjamin’s work, both personal and professional, has been published and exhibited widely. Recent exhibitions include the A+D Museum in Los Angeles, the Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York, the MKThink Gallery in San Francis-co and the Denver Art Museum. Recent publications include On Ramp, Pidgin Magazine, TARP, eVolo Magazine, and The Huffington Post. In 2013 Benjamin began writing his first book, titled “Robotic Interpretation: New Fabrication and Material Techniques for Architecture,” which will be published in early 2014 and distributed by Actar. Benjamin is currently a Lecturer at the UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design and a Senior Lecturer at the California College of the Arts. He has taught previously at the Virginia Tech School of Architecture + Design, as an assistant at the Southern California Institute of Architecture and the Princeton University School of Architecture, as well as having been involved with several international workshops. He received his Bachelor of Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture and his Master of Architecture from the Princeton University School of Architecture.

Adam Grove

Adam Grove is the founder of SPECIAL TOPICS, an interdisciplinary design bureau driven by a deep interest in the relationship of design, making and industry. It capitalizes upon the interrelationship of cultures, climate, geography and immediate history of Southern California to further our own critical inquiries and enhance our capacity for production.  SPCLTPCS is endlessly fascinated by the dynamics of our place. Two core units comprise Special Topics, an architectural design studio and rapid prototyping workshop.  Through our combination of physical and intellectual resources It has the unique ability to address a range of project types and scales.