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This installation is part of the 2014 SKYLINE Event – held February 13 – 22, 2014, in Downtown Los Angeles.  For event information, please click on the ‘SKYLINE Main Menu’ link above.   For more SKYLINE 2014 installations, please click on the ‘Artist/Architect Installationslink above.

Pump Your Hood - Plaza

Joanna Shaw + Helen Cheuk + Christian Prasch – Pump Your Hood

This installation is part of the 2014 SKYLINE Event – held February 13 – 22, 2014, in Downtown Los Angeles.  For event information, please click on the ‘SKYLINE Main Menu’ link above.

888 S. Figueroa – Located on Plaza Level above Parking Lot
Downtown Los Angeles

As a breathing diaphragm of inflation and deflation this installation inserts moments of fluid compression, expansion, and ultimately physical relief within the rigidity of Downtown LA’s historic composition. A collection of inflatable components. Pushing the parameters of space to encounter new choreographies of urban movement. Inserting opportunities to navigate LA’s uninvestigated voids with a momentum entirely unique to the grid and to the one way course of movement in LA’s arteries. The pressure to move under, between, through the installation draws people to new encounters and forced proximity to the texture and materiality of the city. The installation is intended to counter the rigid formality of LA’s architecture. It is a voluptuous, temporary manifestation of air and the space between the monumental buildings that compose historic Los Angeles. This work engages pedestrians as a unique piece of circulation within the city. It draws people out of their gridded trajectory slowing their pace and altering movement through a series of encounters within a compressive space.

Participant Bios:


Helen Cheuk is a Hong Kong-born, Toronto-raised designer. From the urban jungle to suburbia, she investigates the dynamic role of art and design in the service of economic progress, development, globalization and public policy. Helen’s curiosity and interest for the built environment inspires her to continue creating a range of practical to imaginative solutions for our urbanscape without sacrificing the spirit of transformation and experimentation inherent in art, culture, and community. She has practiced and assisted on researches in multi-disciplinary Architecture and Urban Design offices in Hong Kong, Toronto, New York and San Francisco. She is currently an urban and architectural designer at Los Angeles architecture firm Johnson Fain.  Helen has degrees in both Fine Arts and Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design, as well as a Masters in Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University.


Christian Prasch a.k.a. “CAP” hails from the buffalo-grass-covered plains of the Sandhills in Nebraska. His resume includes: Design Producer for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and military experience manning our Nuclear ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) Force. He earned his Masters from Columbia’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. He has worked in Los Angeles with Michael Maltzan Architects, Design Hunter LA, and Kim Lewis Designs. Throughout all his pursuits, he has cycled and appreciated a nomadic mobile environment. Inflatables and instantaneous spaces of collision fall right in line with such considerations.


Joanna Shaw received her Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University and completed her Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design at Columbia’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation. Her design footprint extends across a broad range of contextually integrated projects from the intimate composition of homes to infrastructural integration of urban scale master plans. She has practiced architecture in Melbourne, Australia and in Miami and Los Angles within the United States. Urban ecology consistently influences her research and design investigations.

Pump Your Hood rooftop