Gregoire Diehl (Smoothcore) – DesCours 2009 – DesirDesCours

This installation, presented for the 2009 DesCours event in New Orleans, is described in the designers words as below:

 DesirDesCours is an experimental piece which aims to play and delight the human senses.  It treats the courtyard as a playground for romance, acting as an open space where varying stimuli appear.  These are expressed in many ways, with some only being visible to groups of people, while others require that only a single person be present.  DesirDesCours is in all essence a statement of our relationship with the urban environment, and through the experiences users have within it, asks them to reconsider how one considers urbanity, the city, the emotional response we have to it, and even going further, to consider the consequences of these emotions and the affect on human spirit on urbanity.