Ed Richardson + April Clark (Clark | Richardson Architects) – DesCours 2010 – L’ouvert

http://c3patriot.com/ed/7JhbpJe7rXY This installation, presented for the 2010 DesCours event in New Orleans, is described in the designers words as below:

http://barbourdentalcare.co.uk/2019/06/07/hello-world Within the dense fabric of the French Quarter, nuanced use of spatial thresholds has been a critical element in differentiating between public and private space.  At the scale of the aperture, the louvered shutter plays a critical role in this public | private gradation.  The word louver is derived from the French l’ouvert or the open one.  At night, the louvered shutter takes on an abstract role performing in a figure field reversal with the buildings they articulate.  Here, the window assembly is transformed from penetration to object.  L’ouvert proposes an ethereal and interactive shuttered object which transforms the traditional vertical proportion of the historic French Quarter window into an illuminated horizontal element.  L’ouvert represents a reification of the abstracted role of the object window within the nightscape of the historic district.  Charitable contributions were made by Light Enhancing Designs and Hertz.