Coffee + Art = LERATA Cafe

preciously lerata cafe squareLERATA was proud to partner with Temporary Space LA to provide a coffee and tea bar within their temporary art space.

Nuevo Casas Grandes Temporary Space LA launched March 21, 2015 at 5522 Wilshire Boulevard.  It lived there for seven months and during that time mounted two major exhibitions, each in two parts, featuring three different artists. Expanding upon the idea of what an exhibition can be, Temporary Space LA also presented each artist’s entire body of work through a digital archive available online and in the gallery space. Lerata Cafe ColetteTemporary Space LA created a community-based environment by bringing in outside events,some also in partnership with LERATA that engaged with diverse audiences, stimulating meaningful dialogues around performance, music, video games, art and poetry.

While both Temporary Space LA and the LERATA Cafe closed as of October 31, 2015, Temporary Space LA continues to partner with LERATA in supporting the 2016 SKYLINE event.


Lerata Cafe 2015