Behnaz Farahi – Living Wall

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Behnaz Farahi – Living WallBehnaz Farahi


724 South Spring Stret – #301 (3rd Floor)
Fashion District, Downtown Los Angeles

How might we imagine a space that can build an understanding of its users through their movements and respond accordingly? How might we build upon interactive 2-D works by developing a 3-D interactive environment that goes beyond mere narrative to actual choreographies of space? 
This installation is an attempt to address these questions through the design of an interactive kinetic wall. One of the main contributions of this work is to explore how a physical environment can change its shape in response to the users. The central focus is on the relationship between materials, form and interactive systems of control.

Living Wall


Behnaz Farahi is a designer, architect, and researcher. She is an Annenberg Fellow at the USC School of Cinematic Arts.  She is interested in exploring the potential interaction between the environment and the human body. In particular she is interested in the integration of material behaviors, performance, soft robotic systems and smart materials in contemporary art/architecture practice. Behnaz Farahi has an undergraduate and two masters degrees in Architecture. Her work has been widely published and exhibited. In 2013 she was also awarded the first prize for the Kinetic Art Organization 2013 International Award.ahi is a designer, architect, and researcher. She is an Annenberg Fellow at the USC School of Cin